Las Vegas launches driverless shuttle bus test run on public roads

Las Vegas launched what it claims is the first completely autonomous, fully electric shuttle to be driven on public roads in the US.

The Arma shuttle, created by the French company Navya, will take passengers up and down the busy Fremont Street with regular traffic through January 20 as a test run for developers, the Las Vegas Sun reported. The Arma holds 12 passengers, and can reach up to 27 mph. However, it will only drive up to 12 mph during the test period.

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Mercedes-AMG’s “Project ONE” Hypercar

Mercedes-AMG dropped a bomb through its Instagram account: the first teaser image of its forthcoming hypercar, Project ONE, a 1,000-hp all-wheel-drive, Formula 1-powered hypercar built not only for the track, but also the road.

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