Empty Shelves & Madness (In America): A Minor Winter Storm Drove People Into “Panic Buying Of Food And Basics”


A couple of weeks ago, in early January, there was a relatively minor storm in the South and Southeast U.S. Cold weather, threat of the power going out, snow and ice and empty store shelves.This wasn’t the big one. Yet it

was enough to bring things to a panic.

Shortages, and ill prepared people scrambling about for the final available resources. The angry race to the checkout line probably elicited road rage, fights and arguments… the storm that is brought out in people poses perhaps an even larger threat than the natural disaster, etc. itself.

After a few short hours ahead of a short-lived bitter cold, practically everything was gone – and nothing even happened yet. None one had gone without, and things hadn’t even gotten the chance to turn ugly.

If this had been a true crisis, and not just extreme weather over the weekend, people would have killed and died over a cart of groceries, some bottles of water or some fuel… and they could have prepared instead.

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‘Candy Man’ Doctor And Former Tomah VA Chief Of Staff Forced To Surrender Medical License

The former chief of staff at the Tomah VA Medical Center said he will surrender his medical license to the state to avoid further investigation into his time spent doling out copious amounts of opioids to vets at the facility.

David Houlihan, infamously referred to veterans as the “candy man,” said he would never again reapply for a medical license in Wisconsin and plans to shut down his La Crosse practice within 30 days, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

“I believe he has no business treating our nation’s veterans or any citizen in Wisconsin, so this is welcome news,” Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin said in response to the news of Houlihan’s license.

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Sanders Lectures Navy SEAL Veteran: VA Isn’t Bad

Democratic primary runner-up Sen. Bernie Sanders denied that the Department of Veterans Affairs provided bad healthcare during a Navy SEAL’s confirmation hearing.

Sen. Sanders (I., Vt.) questioned President-elect Donald Trump’s interior secretary nominee Ryan Zinke about his views on the state of Native American healthcare and well being on Tuesday. Zinke, a Navy commander and the first Navy SEAL to serve in the House of Representatives, agreed that the federal government should respect Native American sovereignty and work to ensure that treaties and existing law is followed before moving on to Sanders’ question about the poor healthcare outcomes in Native American-controlled land.

“As bad as the VA is,” Zinke began.

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GOP Sen Fischer: ‘Obamacare Failed Because It Took Choices Away’

Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) stated, “Obamacare failed because it took choices away from patients and families. It took choices away from all of us.”

“When I hear from patients and their families about Obamacare, they tell me the law is a broken promise. They couldn’t keep the plan they liked. Or the doctor they trusted. Their costs shot up, not down.”

“Jim, a grandfather from Grand Island, Nebraska, says this: ‘Our kids’ new insurance premiums went up 36 percent, which is over 50 percent of their income…This leaves my grandkids with no insurance.’ Tim from Kearney, Nebraska saw his health insurance premium jump 60 percent.”

Read more and watch video at: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/01/14/gop-sen-fischer-obamacare-failed-because-it-took-choices-away/