Despicables in Media: Comedy Central Guy Calls Barron Trump A ‘Date-Rapist-To-Be’

How low and despicable can some people be? [Editor’s comment]

Comedy Central contributor Stephen Spinola tweeted Friday morning, the morning of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, that his 10-year-old son Barron looks like a “date-rapist-to-be.”

Spinola followed up his now-deleted tweet with a second now-deleted tweet in which he said he hoped Barron would one day rape his mother.

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Seattle Protesters Armed with Wooden Poles, Heavy Pipes, Shields

The Seattle Police Department has recovered “wooden poles, heavy pipes, and shields” from left-wing protesters, amidst anti-Trump and anti-MILO protests taking place in the city.

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[Editor’s note: What happened to “They go low, we go high”?]

Unrest erupted in Seattle on Friday evening partially in response to the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Large crowds of protesters are also gathering at the University of Washington, where an event with Breitbart editor MILO is taking place.

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Nothing Is Real: When Reality TV Programming Masquerades as Politics

Donald Trump no longer needs to launch Trump TV.

He’s already the star of his own political reality show.

Americans have a voracious appetite for TV entertainment, and the Trump reality show—guest starring outraged Democrats with a newly awakened conscience for immigrants and the poor, power-hungry Republicans eager to take advantage of their return to power, and a hodgepodge of other special interest groups with dubious motives—feeds that appetite for titillating, soap opera drama.

After all, who needs the insults, narcissism and power plays that are hallmarks of reality shows such as Celebrity Apprentice or Keeping Up with the Kardashians when you can have all that and more delivered up by the likes of Donald Trump and his cohorts?

Yet as John Lennon reminds us, “nothing is real,” especially not in the world of politics.

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CNN president: Network’s ‘credibility is higher than ever’

CNN President Jeff Zucker says President-elect Donald Trump’s attacks on his network are an attempt to “delegitimize journalism,” adding that CNN’s “credibility is higher than ever.”

“It’s just unfortunate that the most powerful person in the world is trying to delegitimize journalism and an organization that plays such a vital role in our democracy,” Zucker told New York Magazine in an interview Wednesday.

“I think he’s entitled to his opinion, but it’s — to use one of his favorite words — sad.”

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